Replacement Aegean Spa Filters

Genuine Pleatco replacement Hot Tub and Swim Spa filters, compatible with Aegean Master Spas group Hot Tubs.


Aegean spas and hot tubs filters need to be the right make and quality spa filters to ensure your Aegean hot tubs filtration is correct. Only Pleatco PWW50 filters can be used as these ensure correct flow, filtration and pressure for optimum spa water filtration and equipment performance, so buyers must always be aware of fake being sold over the internet with the Pleatco PWW50 reference, that in fact turn out to be inferior cheap Chinese counterfeited products, use of such filters can damage your Aegean spa while the filtration material claimed in these fakes is rarely as described and as such cannot be trusted, if any of these filters were any good they would be marketed with their own branding and serial numbers rather than passing themselves off as another product.

The Aegean spa range encompasses Britain’s leading hot tubs makes and over the last 35 years has resulted in the most popular model hot tubs widely owner throughout the UK, below some of these models are listed as well a popular models from the Spafrom range that also use the same filters that fit into the ubiquitous waterways wide mouth skim filter.

Names that have disappeared from the market such as hot tubs direct and Frazer series spas also use the same filters as do many spa models sold by Hindhead Hot Tubs in particular their tango series of Hot Tubs. Many spas from the Canadian Spa Company also use the same filters.

Of all the Spaform models the Grand Canyon, Utopia and Milano all use the PWW50 as well as most other hot tub this company sold when it was still manufacturing in England, although this is mostly post 1999, but always phone 020-8959-1529 to check or send us a picture of your filter to confirm PWW50 will suit. Knighthood Leisure, Touch Spas Hot Tubs and Club Spas brands also use the filters

The following poular and well know Aegean models use two PWW50 filters, from 2003, the Aegean LPS220, LPS220d and LPS210 models, from 2004, the amazing Aegean XLS 250, XLS 400 and XLS 500 models and then the following Aegean hot tub models, Rockpool, Monsoon Spa, Stormy River, White Water Spa, Thunder Mountain Spa, Majestic Spa and Atlantic Spa.

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