Products can be returned within 28 days of purchase by sending the product(s), order reference, and reason for return to:

Saturn Spares Distribution Ltd

Returns Department

19 Eastbourne Street

West Midlands

WS4 2N

If the product(s) being returned is due to damages, or incorrect products being sent, a full refund with administered.

If the product(s) being returned is not due to the above reasons, a refund will be administered that matches the value of the product(s) purchased, and will not include the amount charged for shipping.

Failure to provide a reason for return, order reference, or the complete product (including any packaging) may result in a refund not being administered.

If you are returning a product for another product:

If the error is ours, you will not be charged any extra for replacement products/shipping.

If the error is NOT ours, you may be charged extra for difference in prices/shipping, and may not be refunded if the replacement product has a lower value than the original, but instead will be treated as an admin charge.

For any other information regarding returns, please contact the team on 0845 217 0581 between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, or email out of hours.

Exclusions to this policy:

We will take into consideration when processing returns the following:

– Time difference between leaving our warehouse & arriving at your door (In reference to the 28 day term)

– Incorrect information on the website

– Large differences in price on replacement items

– Faulty electrical products