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Hot tubs

Buying Tips – What to look for

Don’t deal with new ‘here today gone tomorrow’ companies. A Hot Tub is a big investment, so deal with a name that you can trust. Here at Saturn Spas we provide unique Luxury Hot Tubs for all your hot tub needs.

  • We have the stock
  • We have the dedicated delivery vehicles
  • We have the dedicated delivery crew
  • We have the service technicians and vehicles
  • We have the experience and qualifications
  • We offer the back-up and service
  • We bring hydrotherapy to thousands of Britons daily
  • We are part of a leisure group with 30 years experience

The Manufacture

  • How long has the Manufacture been in business?
  • How customer service focused and driven are they?
  • Do they stand behind their warranties?


  • Do they include delivery, setup and get the Hot Tub running for you?
  • Do they teach you how to take care of your water and provide a non-chlorine alternative for your water?
  • Will they provide prompt efficient service if you have an issue?
  • Do they have qualified technicians available to service your Hot Tub?

The Product

The Shell

  • Is the shell thick enough so that it does not bend when applying pressure to it?
  • When you are using the Hot Tub, water will naturally be splashed in and around it. Does the Hot Tub have a ‘triple lip’ design to allow the water to drip off and not collect on or run down the side?
  • Are there any entry steps into the Hot Tub? You are often entering and exiting the Hot Tub at night, so large steps allow for safe entry going in and out. (When you have been in the Hot Tub for a while, you may wish to cool down a bit. You can sit on either of the top two steps, it is safer than sitting on the edge of the Hot Tub and you get to keep your legs in the Hot Tub).

Interior Hot Tub Sizes

  • Look at how much room you actually have inside the Hot Tub. Everyone measures their Hot Tubs externally, this however, does not actually tell you how much space you have when you are actually in the Hot Tub.

Contoured Seating

  • Is the Hot Tub deep enough to keep your shoulders warm without having to slide down in the seat?
  • Does the Hot Tub have varying seating styles and heights so that you can enjoy some variety as you move around the Hot Tub?

The dealership

  • Does the Hot Tub come with any Insulation method?
  • The main benefit of foam is Energy Efficiency that saves you a lot of money over the lifetime of the Hot Tub.
  • Perimeter insulation on the inside of the cabinet and floor helps to keep the radiated heat within the Hot Tub.
  • The other great benefit of Poly Foam is that the water lines are ensconced in foam so that they don’t move when the jets are turned during normal filtration. There is over 200 pounds of water hanging in the lines at any one time. Every time the jets turn on, the water lines kick, that’s the water hammering effect. The foam keeps the water lines in place so that they don’t move.

Quality of Plumbing

  • Does the Hot Tub use the best grade of flexi pipe to plumb their Hot Tub, or does the Hot Tub use cheaper hoses and garden style hose clamps to secure the water lines to the jets?
  • Are the pipes glued to the fittings?
  • Are the pipes clamped? One of the main problems with clamps isthat they cut into the plastic over the years and also rust, so they lose strength.
  • Does the Hot Tub have self cleaning Technology incorporating a mineral filter, Microban and 100% filtration?

Massage Therapy

  • Are the seats designed with the help of a Chiropractor to provide deep tissue massage through the accu-pressure jets?
  • Does the Hot Tub have a variety of different massage patterns in the seats?
  • Does the Hot Tub have a designated full massage seat with a massage sequencer?
  • Does the Hot Tub have a designated 15 jet foot massage?
  • Does the Hot Tub have calf jets to massage tired legs?
  • Does the Hot Tub offer Massage Sequencers or Vario Pod Shlatsu therapy which the majority of professional athletes use?

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