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There are now many water care products available for hot tubs that claim to dramatically reduce chlorine use with some, falsely and dangerously, even claiming to allow no use of chlorine in portable spa water. While most of these products are useful additions to spa water care, improving the “feel “of the water as well as reducing the chlorine requirement, none of them does away with chlorine or bromine, while some owners have been incorrectly advised to use Tri-Clor tablets to ensure hot tub water remains safe but in doing this hot tub equipment and finishes have been damaged.

What is common for all these alternative products is very good marketing and packaging and very high prices, typically £85 for 3 month supply. Many spa dealers also play the eco line with products or claim their treatments are only required once a week or do away with chlorine completely by the use of enzymes or bio film removers, all claims that are both incorrect and misleading. The main reason hot tub dealer push these products is they promise a much higher margin than chlorine, that is heavily discounter on the market, and prices are usually fixed at a high level by distributors, always obvious when all prices for a product are much the same.

Mineral low clor technology for hot tub water treatment.

For many years mineral technology has been used successfully on hot tubs improving water feel and dramatically reducing chlorine use, the active ingredients, that are all forms of silver, copper and zinc, are usually dispensed by in line cartridges or canisters placed in the filter area and work well; typically being active over a season and reasonably priced. All these low chlorine systems work in conjunction with a regular and approved sanitiser, like di clor granules, that do not much effect pH and are not damaging to the hot tub and its equipment.

However some year ago the leading American manufacturer, Master Spas, took the application of this technology to another level with the introduction of their Eco Pur system that impregnated a special filtration cartridge with these high tech mineral materials to allow water to be exposed to the greatest possible surface area and sanitising action. The Eco Pur patented system revolutionised the sanitation of hot tub water and today these high tech cartridges are only available via authorised sellers and immediately recognisable by their distinctive packaging, unfortunately for owners of other makes of spas they only suit Master Spas and their stable of leading brands filtration systems, notably Twilight, Down East, AMS and Ocean Spas.

A most important point is the Eco Pur low chlorine system is typically just 20% of the price of other low chlorine systems out there, tested and proven over time, and much more effective than other systems. At the same time Eco Pur adds to your filtration capacity as well, no other no chlorine product comes close to its performance, while most systems only come as a 3 month supply, an Eco Pur cartridge lasts 6 months before it loses its potency, after which it carries on filtering.

Regrettably there are many crooks on the internet selling fake Eco Pur cartridges and quite illegally using the Eco Pur name, but this is the problem of the internet, it is allowing counterfeited western technology and brands to be peddled on the internet by rogue traders from their garages with customers quite unaware that they are buying false goods.

The Master Spas Eco Pur system is made under licence by the World’s leading filter manufacturer, Pleatco, and only available via Master Spas dealerships and a limited number of other reputable suppliers, but hot tub owners must be cautious as many companies falsely use the Eco Pur name and even pictures of the box, but still supply a fake Chinese product, if in doubt phone the European distributors on 020-8959-1529 to check out a suppliers claims. Also be aware some products are described as Eco Pur compatible, this is misleading, they are simply just the same size as an Eco Pur cartridge so allowing them to be inserted into a Master Spas Micro filter. The latest 2012 versions being identifiable by a pleat band, that must not be removed, and featuring Microban impregnation, rather than just blue dye as seen on Chinese fake filters. Pleatco do supply a same size filter as the Eco Pur for uses for owners using Bromine and these are the only other approved filters for use with Master Micro filters.

Where owners want to reduce the use of chlorine to an absolute minimum many use non chlorine shock with regular testing to great effect and this really is the best no chlorine spa treatment. This article employs the “no” chlorine title to draw attention as regrettably this is what all the alternative spas treatments claim to be, when they are not!

Without a doubt Eco Pur is the lowest cost non chlorine treatment for hot tubs and portable spas and recognised as such with the system being unique to the exclusive range of luxury portable spas manufactured by Master Spas the World’s largest independent hot tub and swimspa manufacturer.

Unique patented Eco Pur mineral filter to suit twin filter combination in the following Twilight Spas

2 Hydro Massage Pump Models in

6 Series, 7 Series and 8 Series.

Use of any other filters invalidates the warranty of a Twilight Spa

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